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Four Connects Approach

Indigenous Storytelling focuses on the use of personal power to make the world a better place.

The variety in the Indigenous Storytelling sessions offered can open our eyes as they give voice to Truth and Reconciliation.

Indigenous Storytelling creates a space that is transformative and energizing, and most importantly, reaffirms for us that it is ok to care.

First Connect

General Questions on Diversity

  • Stereotypes, historical facts and distortions.

  • Appropriation of cultural customs, practices, beliefs.

  • Words and images as tools.

Second Connect

Use of the Seven Generations Lenses

  • Begin in your own lifetime.

  • Go back 3 generations (Past History)

  • Current scenario (Demographic Profile)

  • Future direction of 3 generations (Quality of Life Indicators "Bimaadiziwin")

Third Connect

Making a Difference: Inspirational Stories From Where You Are

  • Strike up partnerships, envision and pursue "global citizenship" projects.

  • Do things in your ordinary life that are profound.

  • By doing those things, you will change the world.

  • (Case studies, Pressing Issues, Interactional Styles)

Fourth Connect

Truth and Reconciliation as a Framework: Overview of the Age of Apologies

  • Peace before truth, or truth before peace?

  • Examine the mindset being presented (your position)

  • Scrutinize the content (ask what's missing)

  • Pay attention to methodology (how do Elders and Indigenous knowledge keepers talk)

Meet Dr. Margaret Brigham

Dr. Margaret Brigham (Ojibwe) is from Walpole Island First Nation in southern Ontario. The oldest in a family of six children, she has a son of her own. Margaret's work includes experience as a classroom teacher, First Nation school principal, private sector consultant on diversity and equity issues, sociology professor and college administrator. She served on the City of Toronto Aboriginal Affairs Advisory Committee, and the Provincial Aboriginal Postsecondary Education Policy Working Group. 

Dr. Brigham spoke on "Aboriginal Women in the Trades" at the Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario Conference, Thunder Bay, Ontario. She was a conference presenter on a "Signature Pedagogy for Global Citizenship Education at the World Universities Forum, Rhodes, Greece. She has also presented workshops on the pre-existing gaps in college readiness among Indigenous students and workplace issues. Working with tribal groups in Canada and the U.S., she wrote and produced seven video case studies on "American Indian/Anglo Patterns of Difference". 

Margaret taught preservice teacher education courses in Education and Society and Cross-Cultural Counseling at the University of Toronto. Graduate seminars included Indigenous Knowledge and Decolonization; Aboriginal Communication and Leadership; and Indigenous Women's Voices. She was also the Dean of Centennial College’s Institute for Global Citizenship in Toronto.  Currently, her interest is in Indigenous Storytelling and she is writing a non-fiction book on the history of the Great Lakes Anishinaabe.



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About Us

We are a group of professionals with many years of experience in providing quality education. 


Dr. Margaret Brigham

Lead presenter.

Spencer Brigham

Technical support, product development, Indigenous music presenter.

Jim Arnold

Booking and client relations.

What We Do

We help our clients understand and acknowledge Indigenous history, heritage and culture.

Our Clients

  • Schools (K to 12 classrooms)

  • Corporations

  • Government Departments

  • Conferences

  • Community Groups

  • Industry Associations

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What We Offer

  • Indigenous Storytelling

  • Indigenous Awareness Talks

  • Keynote Presentations

  • Indigenous Land Acknowledgements

  • Truth and Reconciliation Certification 2-Hour Training Event

  • Four Connects Indigenous Awareness 4-Hour Course (see below)

  • Customized Corporate Training

  • Teacher Training in Indigenous Education

  • Interactive Webinars Newsletter and journal articles

Margaret also has certificates in Negotiation Skills and Processes, Writing Affirmative Action Plans, Equal Opportunity and Employee Relations Law, Conducting Employee Investigations, Mediation Methods, Sexual Harassment Investigation; as well as a Principals of First Nation Schools Certificate, and Ontario College of Teachers Certificate in Elementary (K-8).


Doctor of Philosophy

University of Arizona. Major: Higher Education Administration, Minor: American Indian Policy Studies. 

Master of Education

University of Arizona

Bachelor of Philosophy

Grand Valley State University, Michigan. Major: Elementary Education and Group Science.

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